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RECAP - January 2017 DAMA-PS Chapter Meeting

  • January 26, 2017 4:59 AM
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    A Look Back at the Jan. 2017 Chapter Meeting.....

    Quantifying Happiness

    A Data-Driven Approach to Growing Amazing Organizations

    Thank You to Tim Bowman, Managing Director, Strategy at Revel Consulting and Etan Basseri, Manager, Organizational Engagement at Revel Consulting for speaking at the January Chapter Meeting.  What a great way to start the New Year!!

    Summary of the event:

    Best practices for driving adoption are common, but few are able to predict the results of their efforts in advance. We believe this comes down to answering a simple question, "How do you get people to happily embrace constant change?" To answer that, we combined the best practices of sales and marketing with emerging research from behavioral science to build a predictive model that can be used by anyone who wants to leverage data to drive lasting change. Doing so means rethinking how you use data to understand and engage your people.

    Topics discussed:

    1. Why Change Management must change

    2. What emerging behavioral science tells us about why we do what we do

    3. Adapting to a new paradigm: Why we're all salespeople and marketers now

    4. Why data management professionals are uniquely positioned to enable this

    Speaker Profiles:

    Tim Bowman, Managing Director, Strategy at Revel Consulting

    As a student of physics and mathematics, Tim knows a thing or two about solving complex, ambiguous problem. And, thanks to more than a decade of industry and consulting experience at some of the largest organizations on the planet, he’s learned how to help others confidently do the same. In fact, in 2014, Consulting Magazine recognized this ability by naming him one of the top 35 Rising Stars of the Profession, specifically in the field of Strategy Consulting. When not helping Revel or clients, Tim can be found hiking in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, rooting on the Sounders, listening to podcasts, or sitting somewhere quietly thinking about how to make the world a better place.

    Etan Basseri, Manager, Organizational Engagement at Revel Consulting

    Etan has focused his career on partnering with organizations to help their people thrive. As a Delivery Manager in Revel's Organizational Engagement community, he strives to take a creative and human-centered approach to everything he does, from the way he communicates with colleagues to the way he guides organizational engagement across diverse roles and geographies. Etan spent his early career as an attorney, representing companies large and small in a variety of disputes at trial, arbitration and mediation. He chose to shift paths to fully engage his skills in brokering resolutions and crafting tailored solutions to help companies tackle complex organizational challenges.

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