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Ongoing education and awareness will reflect on the work your staff performs internally. DAMA-PS members stay current on data management through a variety of programs coverings such topics as:
  • Data stewardship, strategy and governance
  • Data architecture, analysis and design
  • Database administration
  • Data security management
  • Data warehouse and business intelligence
  • Reference and master data management
  • Data quality improvement
  • Unstructured data management
  • Modeling and integration technologies (XML, SOA, WSDL, etc.)


We understand that organizing people, energy, practices and procedures into activities that properly manage the information needs of your enterprise can be difficult. Take advantage of many opportunities to promote yourself, your staff and your practices.


Apply what you've learned and shared to your daily activities or gain insightful knowledge to further your career. Retain best-in-business staff by supporting this specialty area that is a foundation for Information Technology.

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