Volunteering at DAMA-PS is a great way to network, widen your knowledge on topics relevant to data management, and help create opportunities to promote DAMA-PS. Whereas the commitment for a board member is the entire membership year (August- June), volunteers can assist on an as-available basis for our monthly and/or educational events. If you're interested in volunteering, please e-mail info@dama-ps.org!

Following is a brief description of DAMA-PS Board positions:


The President is responsible for providing strategic leadership, annual planning and direction of DAMA-PS; coordinates with other affiliated DAMA International Chapter Presidents; and is the general representative to outside groups and bears final accountability for the health and well-being of DAMA-PS.

Vice President of Operations

The Vice President of Operations participates in Board of Directors meetings; acts as the President in his/her absence, records and publishes Board of Directors meeting minutes; researches and prepares documents regarding DAMA-PS' legal status as a non-profit corporation; and maintains Bylaws.

Vice President of Programs and Education

The Vice President of Programs and Education participates in Board of Directors meetings; works with the other board members and members at large to understand the types of programs that would add value to the membership; surveys topics of interest from its DAMA members annually; arranges for speakers to present at the DAMA-PS chapter meetings; coordinates the venue and event scheduling; maintains event planning information and communication with the Executive Board; coordinates timely advertising of DAMA-PS meetings with the VP of Communication and VP of Marketing; collects information on speaker engagements, including speaker biography and topic content; conducts communication with speakers including logistics, speakers fees, and event follow-up; communicates the agreed financial obligations for program services to the VP of Financial Services.

Vice President of Financial Services

The Vice President of Financial Services participates in Board of Directors meetings; manages the organization's finances; maintains financial records; diligently uses organization’s monetary resources; notifies President of any financial health risks; makes payment on organization’s financial obligations; prepares and files income tax reports (IRS 990), Non-profit Corporation Annual report, and other filings that may be required.

Vice President of Membership

The Vice President of Membership participates in Board of Directors meetings; maintains membership records and promotes membership; and responsible for collection of dues and fees for membership and activities.

Vice President of Communications

The Vice President of Communication participates in Board of Directors meetings; maintains the organization’s presence; responsible for advertisement of all events; coordinates online enhancements and site design; ensures receipt of and publishes follow-up distribution of materials in support of DAMA-PS meetings; and maintains presentation archive.

Vice President of Marketing

The Vice President of Marketing participates in Board of Directors meetings; provides marketing and web services with all information about all upcoming presentations; ensures timely coordination of external communications; creates press releases, articles, brochures and/or communication directed toward promoting the mission, purpose, goals and/or activities of DAMA-PS; and creates annual marketing budget and plan.

Vice President of Special Events

The Vice President of Special Events participates in Board of Directors meetings; develops annual plan for special events; works with the Vice President of Programs and Education in executing special events; coordinates with Marketing, Communications, Programs and Education VPs as well as other Board members as needed on special events plans; and responsible for speaker(s), venue(s), sponsor(s), and communication.

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