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  • DAMA Day 2020 - Data Confidentiality, Security and Privacy In a Virtual World

DAMA Day 2020 - Data Confidentiality, Security and Privacy In a Virtual World

  • November 12, 2020
  • 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Zoom


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 This year DAMA Day will be FREE for all, virtual  8am – 12pm.

DAMA Day Schedule:

 8:00 am                    Virtual Meeting Space Open

 8:00 am -   8:25 am   Moderated Meeting Room for Networking and Professional development.

 8:30 am -   8:45 am   Sponsor Presentation: Centralize Security and Governance, and Protect Privacy with a Logical Data Fabric

 8:50 am -   9:00 am   Introduction

 9:00 am -   9:50 am   Balancing Data Democratization and Data Privacy – Lessons Learned

10:00 am - 10:25 am  Panel discussion: Perspectives on the Metadata journey

10:30 am - 11:20 am  Thanks to COVID-19, Tasveer is a global brand!  

11:25 am - 11:50 am  Panel discussion: Managing Global Data Sovereignty and Export Regulations

11:50 am - 12:00 pm  Closing Remarks

Sponsor Presentation: Centralize Security and Governance, and Protect Privacy with a Logical Data Fabric

Almost every business has gone digital in the past 7-9 months and there is a very high probability a majority of those will stay that way. Digital business is entirely dependent on data. Data risk is a potential for business loss due to poor data governance or lackluster data security, which can be worsened by data privacy breaches through cyberattacks. Therefore, data governance, security, and privacy represent concerns for organizations that must comply with policies and regulations, which can vary across regions, data assets, and user groups.

Attend this session to learn:

  • How a large retail chain is protecting customer data through tokenization.
  • Why a logical data fabric enabled by data virtualization is a must for a robust and future proof data governance and security strategy.
  • How to centralize security when data is spread across multiple systems residing both on-premises and in the cloud.


Saptarshi Sengupta

Opening Presentation: Balancing Data Democratization and Data Privacy – Lessons Learned

The increased focus on data privacy has been a double-edged sword for data management professionals. On one hand, privacy regulations have increased both awareness and funding for core data management capabilities: governance, metadata management, data quality, master data, etc. On the other hand, the data privacy regulatory landscape is constantly changing, ambiguous, and highly variable across jurisdictions. 

At the same time, our business teams are requesting and generating unprecedented volumes and variety of data while requiring limitless access to data sets. Our challenge in the data management community is recognizing how this represents a unique opportunity to apply metadata management, governance, and data quality fundamentals to meet the often-competing requirements of democratization and data privacy. 

This session will explore lessons learned in creating this balance and delivering business value using:

  • Business-focused data governance
  • Metadata management adoption strategies
  • Data quality and data profiling business benefits
  • Measuring, monitoring, and reporting business outcomes
  • Organizational change management opportunities


Jeff Johnson

Michael Mueller


Panel Discussion: Perspectives on the Metadata Journey

What about wrangling the data about the data to enable privacy and support democratization?  And how is this impacted by our virtual environment? Join our group of panelists as they tap into their abundant years of experience to share stories, learnings and advice on the past, present and future state of Metadata.  Including the gratitude of stakeholders who finally have a source to help them discover the meaning of their data in a way they understand.


Teresa Wylie

Pamela Culy

Jamie Witten

Closing Presentation: Thanks to COVID-19, Tasveer is a Global Brand!  

Learn how Tasveer, a non-profit in the Seattle area, successfully moved all of its in-person programming (which includes performing arts events, panel discussions and the largest South Asian Film festival in the USA) to a virtual environment.  This talk will cover the opportunities and challenges faced by the organization as it acquires a global audience.


Rita Meher (She/Her), Co-Founder & Executive Director

Uzma Khan (She/Her), Acting CIO

Panel Discussion: Managing Global Data Sovereignty and Export Regulations

National (CCPA) and global (GDPR) regulations around information privacy are evolving and all USA based organizations (large and small) must abide by them.  Additionally, global US companies must ensure that they are abiding by the changing US State Department’s export regulations as well as the export regulations of the countries or economic groups they do business with.  This panel will provide insight into how different organizations keep up with the changes in regulations (national, industry, Global) while ensuring compliance with existing regulations example: HIPAA, Credit Cards, SOX, FAA, FDA, copyright, etc.  


Alya Gennaro

Bradford J Neumann

Preeta Raman

Rani Lofstrom

THANK YOU to our

2020 DAMA Day Sponsor!


Speaker Bios

Saptarshi Sengupta

Saptarshi is the Director of Product Marketing at Denodo Technologies. He is responsible for leading Denodo's customer marketing, analyst relations, press relations, product marketing and many other aspects of the marketing function. Saptarshi brings in a wide range of industry knowledge including semiconductor, networking, consumer electronics and enterprise software and almost two decades of engineering and marketing leadership experience. Saptarshi holds an MBA from Cornell University and has published two IEEE papers in semiconductor.

Michael Mueller

Michael has been an active member in Puget Sound DAMA since 2011 and has served on the PS-DAMA Board of Directors. He is an accomplished leader with over 30 years of Data Management experience and complementary expertise in business operations, process improvement, organizational transformation, data governance, and technology innovation. Michael has been fortunate to work at several Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Honeywell, Boeing, and Starbucks.