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  • A DAMA-PS Special one-day class in Data Modeling and Data Warehousing

A DAMA-PS Special one-day class in Data Modeling and Data Warehousing

  • November 08, 2011
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Bellevue City Hall


  • Current students of technical programs. Student ID required.
  • For employees and associates of academic institutions.
  • Current students of technical programs. Student ID required at registration.
  • Current students of technical programs. Student ID required at registration.

Registration is closed

Data Modeling and Data Warehouse for Business Analysts, DBAs, and Managers 

Tuesday, Nov 8 from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Location: Bellevue City Hall

Lunch: Box lunches will be provided

Tuition: Single session $100 for DAMA-PS Members, $150 for non-members  Both sessions $150 for DAMA-PS members, $250 for non-members 

Instructors: Sanjay Shirude and Ham Hayes

Space will be limited, so register early!

Morning class: Data Modeling Concepts

Instructor: Ham Hayes


This is an intensive, short course in entity relationship data modeling concepts.  It is designed to help users, analysts and managers solve the problem of getting the “right data to the right place at the right time.”  Attendees will get a systems level view of data modeling and how data modeling can improve data integrity/business performance and successful implementation of data management systems.

Examples, illustrations and student exercises will be presented.

The course is totally independent of any data base technologies, CASE or modeling tools

Who should attend: Business users and analysts, project managers.   Anyone in the data architecture, database design or data management domain can also benefit from this course who wishes to experience a refresher in data modeling principles and practices.

What you will learn

What is a data model?

  • What is its purpose and how does in fit in an enterprise schema?
  • What are some useful model types?
  • Underlying methodology
  • Types and roles of standards
Model Objects – naming, types, definitions and properties
  • Entities
  • Attributes
  • Relationships
  • Keys
  • Special relationships (Generalization hierarchies, Many to Many relationships, role-naming)
Linking the business to its data
  • Using a framework based, model driven data architecture
  • The link between requirements and integrity
  • Analyzing a business requirement using templates (data model properties)
  • Resolving gaps, mis-matches and incorrect data requirements
The unacceptable cost of bad data
  • How “bad data” can impact cost, schedule and quality
  • How data modeling can improve data life cycle management
  • How understanding data transformations can drive business optimization


Afternoon class: Business Overview of Data Warehousing

Instructor: Sanjay Shirude


Assuming no prior experience in data warehousing, this course will help attendees understand data warehouse basics and benefits, and how a data warehouse can affect their jobs.

It provides a functional understanding of data warehouse basics, project management, architecture, critical success factors, risk factors, design, process, and tools. It also explains how a business intelligence system can use a data warehouse to deliver a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Using real-world experience, the instructor provides recommendations for getting started, including how to make sure that your objectives and needs are met. It provides an overview of the process that IT will go through on the data warehouse project so business users will know what to expect.

  Who Should Attend:

Business users, sponsors, non-technical project managers, anyone who needs to learn the basics of data warehousing.

What You Will Learn:

  •Concepts, terminology, and processes of data warehousing and business intelligence

  •How a data warehouse fits in with other sources of information you're already using

  •Architecture overview - how a data warehouse is built

  •Challenges, success and risk factors of data warehousing

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